PA Systems

ACA Communications Australia can help you get your message out to your audience. Our skilled technicians install public address systems that deliver crystal-clear and reliable sound, while being easy to operate. Our product range includes reputable brands, wired and wireless microphones and much more.

Get in touch with us to discuss PA systems for your workplace or function centre. We service clients across Sydney, Brisbane and the Central Coast.

Australian Monitor


AMC + Mixer

This low-cost system offers reliable sound reproduction and performance, ideal for businesses that don't require elaborate features.

Key features of the AMC + Mixer:

  • 4 Mic/line input mono mixer
  • Master volume, overall treble & bass controls
  • 1 RU
  • Optional tone generator
  • On board priority
  • 12V DC Phantom Power
MX61 6 Channel Mono Mixer

Key features:

  • 6 input mono mixer
  • XLR input switchable between mic & line level
  • 15dB +/- gain trim control per input
  • Input 1 is switchable to be pre/post master
  • 24V DC or mains power operation
  • Optional remote VCA/Tone generator/Muting boards available
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Dual colour signal-present indication LED per input
MX81 8 Channel Mono Mixer

Key features:

  • 8 input mono mixer
  • XLR input switchable between mic and line level
  • 5dB +/- gain trim control per input
  • Input 1 is switchable to be pre/post master
  • 24V DC or mains power operation
  • Optional remote VCA/Tone generator/Muting boards available
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Dual colour signal present indication LED per input
MX82 1RU Stereo Mixer

Key features:

  • 4 XLR inputs switchable between mic and line level, each with direct output
  • 4 stereo dual RCA line level inputs.
  • Each input has front panel mic/line switching (inputs 1-4), treble and bass control, +/-15dB of gain trim and dual colour status LED indication
  • Single master volume control
  • Headphone output (can be pre/post master)
  • Phantom power individually switchable for XLR inputs
  • Priority muting via optional muting modules
  • Optional remote VCA master and tone board
MX883 2RU Stereo Mixer

Offering maximum flexibility, the MX883 has many key features:

  • 8 x XLR mic/line and stereo RCA inputs with LED status indication
  • Treble and bass controls per channel
  • Left, Right and Aux assignment per channel
  • Stereo output
  • Auxiliary bus (third output)
  • 5 band constant-Q graphic EQ on left/right outputs
  • Direct output (TRS) per channel
  • 15dB gain trim per input
  • Link Bus to expand the MX883
  • Low noise/high performance for live sound and critical applications


ACA Communications can supply and fit both mixer amplifiers and power amplifiers, with a variety of capabilities and features. We have amplifiers to suit your budget.

Mixer Amplifiers

  • IC30 Mixer Amplifier - 30 Watts; 3 dual balanced mic/line inputs
  • AMC+ 30, 60, 120, 250 watt models and Mixer
  • AMIS60 Mixer Amplifier - 60 Watts with 4 balanced dual mic/line inputs
  • AMIS120XL Mixer Amplifier 'With the Lot'; 120 Watts and 8 balanced dual mic/line inputs
  • AMIS250 Mixer Amplifier - 250 Watts; 6 balanced dual mic/line inputs
  • RC1 - remote wall mounted volume control for AMIS series mixer amplifiers

Power Amplifiers

  • AMC+ 120P & 250P - 2 RU Power Amplifiers
  • AMIS120P Power Amplifier - 120 Watts
  • AMIS250P Power Amplifier - 250 Watts
  • AMIS1201P Power Amplifier - 2 x 120 Watts
  • DCM500 Power Amplifier - 500 Watts
  • AMIS480P Power Amplifier - 4 x 80 Watts
  • Synergy Series 100V Line Models


The QuickFit Range

The Australian Monitor Installation Series (AMIS) range of Quick Fit Ceiling Speakers have been meticulously designed to ensure they are easy to install, easy on the eye and easy to listen to.

The sleek look and sensational sound provide the end client with total satisfaction, whilst the Quick Fit installation mechanism and sonic purity ensures the contractor/installer is fully satisfied.

The range includes:

  • QuickFit 8 - dual cone speaker featuring a 100V line transformer with 15, 10, 5, 2.5 and 1.25 watt taps
  • QuickFit 6 - sleek and compact ceiling speaker, offering a 100V transformer with 10, 5, 2.5 and 1.25 watt tappings.
  • QuickFit 5 - 5 inch speaker and metal grill combination, 100V line transformer with tappings of 5, 2.5, 1 and 0.33 watts.
RapidFit Series Ceiling Speakers

The Australian Monitor Installation Series Rapid Fit 4 is a discreet ceiling speaker. The low cost Rapid Fit 4 features a plastic grill and 4 inch 100 volt speaker with 5, 2.5, 1, 0.5 and 0.33 watt tappings.

AM20CS and AM60CS Premium Ceiling Speakers

The Australian Monitor AM20CS and AM60CS are premium two-way easy-mount ceiling speakers. With a sealed metal back box (developed to deliver audio at the highest quality) they are a simple to install and visually attractive package.

AM20CS shallow 105mm back box, 100mm low-end driver and 19mm titanium horn-loaded tweeter. Rated at 30 watts with 100 volt tappings at 20, 10, 5, and 2.5 watts; transformer bypassed 16 ohm setting at 30 watts.

AM60CS sealed metal back box, 152mm low-end driver and 19mm titanium horn-loaded tweeter. Rated at 60 watts with 100 volt tappings at 60, 30 and 15 watts; transformer bypassed 16 ohm setting at 60 watts. The AM60CS is supplied with a tile bridge, while the tile bridge is an optional extra for the AM20CS.

Standard Ceiling Speakers and Grills
Part Number Description Power Sensitivity Freq. Resp. Tappings Depth O/D
ATC5010-6 200mm (8") speaker with terminal strip and capacitor 5W 93dB 50 - 20kHZ 5, 2.5, 1, 0.5, 0.33W 75mm 200mm
ATC5008 8ohm version of the ATC5010-6 10W 93dB 50 - 20kHZ 5, 2.5, 1, 0.5, 0.33W 65mm 200mm
ATC5018 200mm (8") speaker 15W 92dB 80 - 15kHZ 15, 10, 5, 2.5W 75mm 200mm
ATC5007 8ohm version of the ATC5018 15W 92dB 80 - 15kHZ 15, 10, 5, 2.5W 65mm 200mm
ATC5101-6 100mm (4") including capacitor 5W 92dB 75 - 20kHZ 5, 2.5, 1, 0.5, .33W 110mm 105mm
ATC5003 80ohm version of the ATC5105-6 10W 92dB 75 - 20kHZ   55mm 105mm
Combos Description Depth Cutout O/D
ATC5404 Speaker surface mount 70mm   195mm max. diametre (inc.
QF5A Speaker and grill 80mm 140mm  
QF 6 Speaker and grill 90mm 193mm  
QF8 Speaker and grill 95mm 237mm  
Grills Description Cutout O/D Hole Centres
RF4G Plastic Grill 4" 133mm 153mm  
ATC5400 Plastic Grill 4" 115mm 155mm 125mm
ATC5401 Plastic Grill - flame resistant
15mm 155mm 125mm
ATC5800 Plastic Grill 8" 205mm 250mm 210mm
ATC5801 Plastic Grill - flame resistant
205mm 250mm 145mm
ATP502 Metal Grill 4/5" 125mm 190mm  
ATP527 Metal Grill 4" 160mm 180mm  
ATP817 Metal Grill 8" 240mm 260mm  
Grill Suits these speakers
RF4G ATC5010-6, ATC5003
ATC5400 ATC5101-6, ATC5003-6
ATC5800 ATP5010-6, ATP5008-6, ATC5018,
ATP502 ATC5101-6, ATC5003-6
ATP527 ATP5010-6, ATP5003-6
ATP817 ATP5010-6, ATP5008-6, ATC5018,

Zone Control & Paging Systems

DigiPage Zone Control System - Main Station

The AMIS DigiPage is a 3-rack unit multi-zone paging and source selection system that offers unprecedented flexibility. 6 program inputs and one dedicated local mic/line input are available to each of 8 zone outputs.

DigiPage Models & Accessories
  • DIGIPAGE Paging matrix. 8 x 8 zone, expandable to 16 x 16. Cat5 cable topography.
  • DP8M Microphone, 8 zone to suit DigiPage.
  • DP16M Microphone, 16 zone to suit DigiPage.
  • DPRM Remote source and volume control for DigiPage. Available in black (DPRMB) or white (DPRMW).
  • DPRMSMB Surface mount box for the DPRM. Available in black or white.
  • DPRMP Set of hole plugs to suit DPRM. Pack of 10.
DigiPage Zone Control System - 8 & 16 Zone Paging Consoles

The AMIS DigiPage8M/16M paging stations are a simple paging front end for the DigiPage system. Featuring a slimline gooseneck paging mic and the ability to page any single zone, combination of zones or All Call, the DigiPage8M and DigiPage16M are very easy to operate.

DigiPage Zone Control System - Remote Wall Panels

The AMIS DPRM DigiPage remote wall panels are a remote-control surface designed for use with the DigiPage system. The DPRM allows control over source selection, local input selection and volume control from within a remote zone. LED indication provides the user with visual feedback if the system is busy.

Zone Mix 3 (ZM3) Zone Controller

The ZM3 offers exceptional performance for both foreground and background music applications. Its generous mix of universal inputs, five stage eq, stereo outputs and remote paging, source and volume control make for a formidable package.

  • ZM3M Remote Microphone Paging Station
  • ZM3R Remote Source and Volume Control
ZRM4 Zone Controller

The Australian Monitor Installation Series ZRM4 is a simple to use, yet highly featured 1 RU zone routing mixer. Featuring 6 inputs that can be balanced XLR mic or dual RCA/balanced XLR line level, all available to any combination of 4 zone outputs, the AMIS ZRM4 makes signal routing in multizone applications easy.

Zoner 16 Output Switcher

The Zoner 16 is the entry level AMIS zoning product. A simple 16 zone output switcher with much more providing remote paging facility, zone BGM enable buttons, LED BGM indication per active zone, zone output relays and separate BGM and paging inputs.

Racks & Panels

We can supply and fit the appropriate racking for your PA system, using quality products from Speedrack. Racks are available to suit 10RU, 18RU and 21RU sizes, with all the accessories and fasteners included. For comprehensive racking solutions, ask ACA Communications Australia for our full list of Speedrack products.

Attenuators & Transformers

We can supply and fit attenuators and transformers for complete control of your PA system output.

We can supply and fit:

  • Standard mono volume controls
  • Stereo volume controls
  • Volume controls with bypass relay
  • Rack mounted volume controls

Our range of transformers are suitable for 5, 15, 50 and 70 watt models. We also have 55 and 200 watt Toroidal transformers.


ACA Communications Australia is a supplier of Australian Monitor microphones for a wide variety of needs. We are happy to recommend the right product to suit your business, and our staff will install and maintain the system for you.

Our range includes:

  • AM EM VoX
  • AM EM BMu (Boundary Mic-Uni)
  • AM EM BMo (Boundary Mic-Omni)
  • AM DFM (Dynamic Fist Mic)
  • AM EM Choir
  • AM GNelec (Gooseneck, Electret)
  • AM GNhdm (Gooseneck Heavy Duty 'Supermarket' Mic)
  • AMX526 Desk Paging Microphone
  • M3B Paging Microphone
  • AMX100WP Wall Plate Microphone
  • AMX100WPS Wall Plate Microphone

ACA Communications Australia is also able to service, repair or upgrade Australian Monitor products for you. Simply call us to discuss your needs.


Wireless Mics

Ensure your next conference runs without interruption thanks to quality wireless mics from Mipro. We install both single-channel UHF and ACT™ (Automatic Channel Targeting) wireless microphones for a variety of conference rooms and centres.

The ACT Series automatically scans for receiver channels, with single or dual channel models available. The UHF Series wireless microphones are single channel, with balanced and unbalanced audio outputs.

Our range of Mipro wireless mics include:

ACT707SE Single Diversity Receiver / ACT707DE Dual Channel Diversity Receiver (UHF)

Key features:

  • 16 channels
  • Automatic Channel Targeting
  • Auto scan
  • Balanced and unbalanced audio outputs
  • Front panel RF and AF level indicators
  • Front panel gain control
  • Hand-held condenser or belt-pack transmitter with battery level indication
AACT707S Single Channel Diversity Receiver / ACT707D Dual Channel Diversity Receiver (UHF)

Key features include:

  • 100 channels
  • Full diversity
  • Automatic Channel Targeting
  • Auto Scan
  • Balanced and unbalanced audio outputs
  • Front panel RF and AF level indicators
  • Front panel gain control
  • Hand-held condensor or belt-pack transmitter with battery level indication
ACT707 - Modular Series

Designed mainly for multi-channel, pro audio systems.

Key features include:

  • Innovative easy-to-read colour LCD display
  • Comprehensive computer software capable of controlling 16 sets of receivers, for a total of 64 simultaneous wireless channels. Includes full spectrum analysis and individual channel signal management and monitoring.
  • Access to 961 UHF frequencies in each 164MHz band
  • Built in mixer, antenna divider and detachable universal power supply
  • Transparent Audio and RF Performance
  • 1 ru chassis with each receiver 'hot swappable'.

In-ear Monitoring Systems

Mipro offers interference-free, stable transmissions with their quality in-ear monitoring systems. These are monitoring systems suitable for stage, studio or broadcasting applications, as well as wireless language interpretation systems.

The MI-808 system is comprised of the MI-808R body-pack receiver and the MI-808T transmitter, which uses Automatic Channel Targeting. The 16-frequency system offers 8 selectable frequencies which can be used side-by-side for multi-send foldback applications.


Conference System

MCS50 Digitally Controlled Wired System Conference System

MCS50 is suitable for mobile use or permanent installations. The bus-plug-connection makes the set-up easy and flexible and the operation simple.

System components and operation:

  • MCS50 - Discussion control unit for up to 32 microphone units (64 with larger power supply)
  • MCS521 - Delegate microphone unit with loudspeaker
  • MCS523 - Chairman microphone unit with loudspeaker
MCW-D 50 Wireless Conferencing System

MCW-D 50 provides secure encrypted transmission, external PC control and supreme quality audio, without the clutter of cables.

System components and operation:

  • MCW-D 523 - Chairman microphone unit with loudspeaker
  • MCW-D 521 - Delegate microphone unit with loudspeaker
  • MCW-D 50 - Control unit for up to 4,096 wireless digital microphone units
MCW-D 200 Digital Wireless Conferencing System

This system provides for a wide selection of microphone units, unlimited participants, automatic mixing mode and a host of meeting control options. It also features simultaneous interpreting channels for up to 8 different languages and an optional microphone override mode.

Steno-S Conference and Recording Software

Steno-S can be used to record conferences, meetings or presentations, mark and label important passages; embed documents or data in your audio recordings and open them again later at a defined playback position. It can also be used to create data files for distribution.

The Steno-S software can also link with Microsoft Word. This enables the user to import the meeting agenda items and notes (from Steno-S software) into Microsoft Word.

Additional accessories:

  • Steno-S Conference Conference Software Kit with RS232 connection
  • Steno-S Office Recording Software Kit
  • Steno-S Pro Recording Software Kit with RS232 connection
  • MPC 70 USB Acoustical boundary condenser microphone with USB connection
  • MCE 494 Electret condenser microphone (cardioid) for PCs
  • STA 22 Stethoscopic earphones with mini-jack plug (3.5 mm) to connect to PCs
  • STA 33 Footswitch with RS 232 connection, to control all playback functions

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