Toshiba Phones

ACA Communications Australia are the experts when it comes to the installation, management and servicing of Toshiba telephone systems. We cater for Central Coast, Brisbane and Sydney businesses of all sizes and requirements, ensuring flexibility when it comes to designing and implementing a system for you. Our staff are experienced and knowledgeable in a wide array of phone systems, voicemail and software products that can be tailored to meet your needs.

Speak to us today to see how we can assist in meeting your short and long-term communication needs.

Phone Systems


Manufactured by phone system innovator Toshiba, the IPedge has a host of cutting-edg features. These phones are fitted with leading technology, including call processing, central system administration, voicemail and unified messaging, visual voice mail, call manager unified communications and more. The IPedge system is ideal for large companies with sales staff that are regularly on the move, with the ability to push an incoming call to desk and mobile phone simultaneously.

IP Handsets

We can supply and install the following handsets:

  • Strata CIX100 - up to 72 users
  • Strata CIX200 - up to 160 users
  • Strata CIX670 - up to 560 users
  • Strata CIX40 - up to 24 users

Our IP handsets are fully PoE 802.3af compliant, with an integrated Gigabit Ethernet switch for full access to high speed network connections. The system's built-in peer-to-peer functionality minimises the bandwidth used for internal calls in branch offices, and ensures best possible quality of service.

Other key features of our IP handsets include:

  • Large backlit display
  • On-screen directory dialling
  • One-touch keys configurable for regularly used functions
  • One button group pick-up and access to calls on hold
  • Advanced voicemail applications

These handsets include more than 300 standard applications, including programmable keys, room noise sensitivity and up to 800 system speed dials.

For full specifications of the Strata CIX phone systems, view our brochures page.

Digital Handsets

ACA Communications Australia supplies, installs and services the DP5000 series of digital handsets. These handsets offer a wide variety of key functions to suit small or large business needs. Some of these attributes include access to shared mailboxes, programmable keys and context-sensitive soft keys.

Our digital handset systems are easy to use and we can customise them to suit the needs of your business.



Strata GVMU and LVMU are voicemail systems suited to small business needs. They are specially designed to use with the CIX telephone range, thanks to an integrated voicemail circuit card solution.

The GVMU can store up to 20 hours of voice messages, while the LVMU caters for 360 mailboxes and up to 40 hours of voice message storage. Both systems allow for user control, including Do Not Disturb and Call Screening functionality. ACA Communications Australia will install your voicemail system with the compatible CIX phone system.


Teleco is an affordable and reliable system with automated attendant and voicemail, compatible with the CIX, DK and CTX phone systems. Some of the many benefits of this system include:

  • Voice messages delivered direct to individual email addresses
  • Email forwarding of voice messages
  • Circuit card means no external parts for a voicemail system
  • Customisable features for each user
  • Create custom messages or music while on hold
  • Ability to support multiple companies with one system
  • Instant notification when new messages arrive

ACA Communications Australia provides reliable installation, customisation and servicing of voicemail for your business. We welcome enquiries as to how we can make your telephone system more efficient.



eManager is the specialist software used to program and maintain Strata CIX telephone systems. Using a laptop or desktop PC, eManager can connect to CIX through network access, ensuring system changes, such as moves, changes and additions, are easily completed. eManager can also be remote operated by authorised persons via a browser.

e-Manager provides an easy-to-use interface to administer and maintain the Strata CIX systems.

My Phone Manager

Microsoft Windows based, My Phone Manager allows for onsite or remote access via a browser. Programmable features include speed dial, Do Not Disturb function and feature keys, all of which can be personalised. System administrator access also allows for phone moves and additions.


Short for Automated Call Distribution, ACD provides incoming call management to suit a range of business needs. ACD is suitable for call centres that require the ability to assign calls, such as skills-based routing, balanced call counts, priority queuing and time-in-queue announcements.

CTI Netphone

Coupled with a CTI system, Netphone provides on-screen management of for dialling, answering, transferring and holding calls. This software allows users to dial numbers stored in an internal database, from their PC. Call notes, text messaging and personalised greetings are additional features of Netphone for onsite and remote access workers.

IP Attendant

IP Attendant makes it easy to see incoming calls and to transfer them to available operators. The software can run in the background, allowing the user to perform other tasks while monitoring the phone system. If an extension is busy, the user can forward the call to the extension voicemail or type an email directly via the software.


ACA Communications Australia can install networking systems manufactured by SME Networks Inc. We can setup the infrastructure for both wireless and wired networking systems, including 802.11 Wireless Access Point and Bridge, Fast Ethernet switches and a single port PoE Injector.

These networking systems can be tailored to meet the needs of many different business types. They allow for complete network management and security suitable for use with Toshiba Strata CIX IP telephony communications.

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